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If only there was a Guinness World Record for Pony Club Assessments.....

We always knew that Ballawhetstone Pony Club members were totally ace but Wednesday's Pony Club Assessment Day proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

In total 62 members completed their Pony Club Progressive Tests. Yes, that is right... SIXTY TWO! The stables were buzzing with anxious nerves and smiling faces all at once.

We were fortunate to have Cheryl from Isle of Man Pony Club visit us for the day to assess our members.

Each individual looked so smart and answered all their questions perfectly. Thankfully the ponies were also well behaved.

Having seen how many members were keen to take part in the awards day we knew it would be busy but thankfully, we were organised enough to get everyone through in plenty of time.

As well as completing their assessments our members all took the opportunity to complete the Pony Club Bandaging and Rugs Badge.

It was a joy to see our members working together and helping each other through the badge, sharing their knowledge and encouraging each other.

We really are so incredibly proud of each and every one of our members! We start the new term on Monday 2nd November with some new challenges for our riders.

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